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Mark Bradshaw

Mark Bradshaw

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Career runs4985
Career wickets0
Duck Potential2
Tea Eating1
Throwing like a Girl9

Personal Profile: Mark Bradshaw

Skills: Batting
Batting: Right hand Defensive
Bowling: Right-arm slow


2005 Bhau Patel Batting Trophy 548 runs, ave 39.14
2005 Fielding Trophy 9 catches
2004 Man of the Match Trophy 4 matches
2001 Bhau Patel Batting Trophy 312 runs, ave 34.67
2000 Bhau Patel Batting Trophy 492 runs, ave 27.33
2000 Fielding Trophy 7 catches
1998 Man of the Match Trophy 3 matches


Mark is a reliable top-order batsman who is one of only 2 players to have scored over 5,000 runs for the Exiles. He is one of only a few batsmen with a career Exiles century to his name with a fine innings of 103 not out to his credit against Morden Parish in 2004.

Despite frequent net sessions, Mark is still one of the worst bowlers to have played for the club (Jon Taylor still holds that particular "crown") and has yet to bowl a single delivery for the club in his career. 

Made a suprise switch to play for regular Exiles opponents the Claham Nomads early in the 2008 season, although is now back in the Exiles fold.

This review: 10 May 2024

Joined: 1 January 1998
First Season: 1998
Last Season: 2010

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