Looking forward to the 2023 season…


30th Anniversary Club Match, 28th August 2022, Haydon’s Road Rec; Back Row (Left to Right): Emil Todorow, John Crossland, Quentin Davies, Jonny Aloysius, Phil Ling, Shahid Iqbal, Andrew Wingfield, Ajmal Safi, Alex Roberts, Yahya Khan, Keith Roberts, Naren Patel, Evan Roberts, Luke Butler, Mark Bradshaw, Simon Gundry, Masie Musakhel; Front Row (Left to Right): Gwyn Thomas, Steve Parkinson, Jamil Wadair, Muhammed Siyar, Azhar Shinwari, Jasper Searle, Bilal Musakhel;

Energy Exiles Cricket Club is a Sunday friendly cricket side based in South West London.

Our origins are that in 1992 we established the side as the Department of Energy Cricket Club, but with the merger of the Energy Department into the Trade and Industry Department, we became ‘Energy in Exile’, or Energy Exiles.

The club is affiliated to the DTISSA and the Club Cricket Conference. Our home ground used to be the Civil Service Sports Ground in Chiswick, but we play all of our home games at the various grounds within Merton Council these days.

For the start of the 2023 season, all-rounder Shahid Iqbal takes over the captaincy following an excellent four year stint by Bernard Leuvennink. Club record run scorers at the end of 2022 are Keith Roberts with 7,174 and Mark Bradshaw with 5,572; leading wicket-takers are Andrew Wingfield with 387 and Naren Patel with 373.

In previous years we have organised annual tours in August – to Lincolnshire and the Yorkshire Dales most recently. We also net each Spring in the indoor school at Lords or the Oval.

At all times, our players keep in mind the club motto, “What would Jeff do?” – club members voted for the official motto in 2005 – it is derived from the teachings and deeds of fast bowler, poet and philosopher, Jeff Hilson.

We strongly recognise that the team must “never stand still” and as such are particularly keen to encourage new players to the team. While we like to win, we will always find a place for a keen new member, whatever his (or indeed her) ability. The important thing is to have an enjoyable Sunday! If you would like to request to join the club, please send an email to Energy Exiles CC; furthermore members can subscribe to the Energy Exiles e-group to receive club emails, etc.

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