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Jeff Hilson

Jeff Hilson

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Top Trumps
Career runs1345
Career wickets156
Duck Potential7
Tea Eating8
Throwing like a Girl5

Personal Profile: Jeff Hilson

Skills: Bowling
Batting: Right hand Aggressive
Bowling: Right-arm medium fast


1998 Bhau Patel Batting Trophy 151 runs, ave 50.33
1998 Man of the Match Trophy 3 matches
1996 Man of the Match Trophy 4 matches
1994 Bowling Trophy 18 wkts at 9.04
1994 Man of the Match Trophy 3 matches


Jeff is one of the maddest members of the team, renowned for the following: on-field hallucinations, the "green patch of grass", back-foot crease rutting, unedifying cowardice, falling over on his arse, squash trainers, sighting of "a plane with no wings", antique tennis shirts, Tom Baker hair, decade-long doctorate (unfinished), morbid fear of geese, and unnatural penchant for samosas. He's also actually a very good bowler and can hit the ball very hard.

Born Singapore 1966, grew up in Bedford though a longtime resident in London. Currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Surrey, Roehampton, and completing a Ph.D. thesis on the American poet Louis Zukofsky. Publications include " finally were false fruits all of them" (Kater Murr's Press, 1998), A Grasses Primer (Form Books, 2000), The As (Canary Woof Press, 2000) and Stretchers: 1-12 (Writers Forum, 2001). Editor of Canary Woof Press and co-organiser of London-based Crossing the Line reading series with David Miller and Sean Bonney.),
Here are one or three links to his poetry:
5 stretchers
gibbous; dictionary
Art: From: Tracey Traces
innovative poetry and poetics edited by Robert Sheppard
See Notes for a personal view of Jeffs poetry, by Mark Bradshaw

Jeff's appearances for the club have sadly become less frequent during the 2006 season as he has struggled manfully against an assortment of maladies in recent months, including a particularly noteworthy case of food poisoning from "crab sandwiches". He has also developed a phobia about the large (and possibly transvestite) barman at the Civil Service Sports Ground. His team-mates hope his health will improve and that his vow to "toughen up" will assist his rehabilitation.

This review: 5 Jun 2009

Joined: 1 January 1994
First Season: 1992
Last Season:

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