Exiles celebrates turning 30!!..

Energy Exiles CC celebrated it’s 30th anniversary with an excellent club game at Haydon’s Road Rec.

Exiles “Keith” batted first and amassed 146 for 9 from their 30 overs – with 34no from Andy, and double figure contributions from Shahid, Yahya, Jasper, Luke and Azhar. Two wickets each for Alex (that of his father and brother!!), Naren (of course!) and Jonny.

Exiles “Naren” responded with 143 for 6, narrowly falling short. At 25 for 4 they looked well behind the rate, but 30no from Ajmal, 23 from Bilal and 32no from Simon set up the chase and a late 23no from Mark and 15no from Naren (of course?) took their side very close.

A brilliant game, one of the closest club games we’ve had, genuinely competed throughout.

Exiles have 3 games left for 2022 – Sheen Park at Nursery Road next week.