Ling the batsman can’t save the Exiles

A career best 35 not out from Phil Ling couldn’t save the Exiles from a hammering at Old Ruts.

On winning the toss the Exiles had a terrible first hour – reduced to 32 for 7 in no time before Ling attempted his rescue act, supported by Aloysius and Crossland. Extras also considered its recent fine form with 34 as the Exiles stumbled to 113 all out.

After an early wicket for Naren the Old Ruts batters batted inexorably towards the total, batting correctly but slightly boringly in taking over 30 overs to get homeĀ as the Exiles generally bowled and fielded well, without reward.

So the clubs batting woes continued, but reasonable fight was shown in a game that was lost in an hour but took another 50 overs for a result to materialise. Southern Railway and Kenley next week.