Steve Parkinson century interview

On 14 August 2016, Steve Parkinson hit 141 runs against the Clapham Nomads to score the highest ever individual score for the Exiles, beating John Tither by 1.

The Exiles website caught up with Steve to discuss this achievement:

Steve, extremely well batted and many congratulations, you must be delighted with such a high score?

Thanks. Yes, very happy to get a big score.

At what point did you feel you might be on the brink of something special?

I got dropped fairly early on at mid on and I figured at that point I would keep going for my shots as I felt my luck was in for a change. There wasn’t really any point I felt I was going to score big though.

As there was no scoreboard I was concentrating on keeping the team score in my head knowing that with the dangerous batters that Nomads have, we needed a total of well over a run-a-ball in those conditions.

I wasn’t thinking about my score so I was surprised when everyone clapped my hundred – I would’ve guessed I was only about 80-85 – and even more surprised when I came off to be told I scored 141 – it only felt like I’d just gone past 100.

Last time we interviewed you it was for your first 50, it must feel a touch surreal to now be celebrating a ton?

Yeah, I still can’t quite believe I scored a ton let alone the club record.

Your partnership with Bernard Leuvennink was 191 – an Exiles second wicket record – to what do you put down this down to – you must’ve enjoyed batting with him?

I always enjoy batting with Bernard – even when he forgets to call. He takes the pressure off by firstly, scoring so quickly and secondly, just by being himself adding plenty of humour out in the middle. But I think it’s mainly the fact he’s always too hungover and unfit to run a lot between the wickets so it clears the thought process down to one option: hit boundaries!

Apologies for mentioning, but last week you played against the Exiles and were dismissed relatively cheaply by Phil Ling. Did this act as a motivator this week?

No, not at all. That was just good for a bit of banter in the camp. I’ll let Phil have his moment this time but that may serve as motivation at another point in time.

What was a motivating factor was the previous time I opened for the Exiles against the Unabombers when I only managed 8 off 44 balls. That innings got two and a half months of stewing out of my system.

Any particular shots you really enjoyed in your innings?

My first proper six for the club (I had an all-run six in the final game of last season of which five were over-throws). Having seen Nomads young bowler, Abbas, a couple times I knew he likes banging in the odd short ball. I was sensing one was on it’s way and when he obliged I pulled it right out of the middle over the fence into the construction works next to short boundary.

What next in your Exiles career – a double-hundred?

That might be a bit beyond me unless Exiles start playing timed matches. Having flirted with a bit of a return to bowling recently, and if the opportunity ever presented itself, I’d like to contribute wickets and runs in the same match. Like I’ve stated previously, the club record score while batting in denim shorts is also on my radar.

Steve, very well played and here’s to many more run scoring feasts for you in an Exiles shirt!