Drew Scott-Dawkins maiden Exiles 50 interview…

On 5th July 2015, Drew Scott-Dawkins scored his maiden Exiles 50 in a narrow win over Whalers. The Exiles website caught up with Drew for his thoughts:

Drew, very well played – how does it feel to have scored your maiden 50 for the club?

I am grateful and relieved to finally get past 50, I wasn’t sure if i would get one after coming quite close in my first game of the season against Merton, and then being falling away a bit after that.

Sitting out for a few weeks with injury made me a bit anxious.

Any hairy moments, or did you always feel confident?

I got really lucky with a drop catch on the long off boundary with not many runs on the board, however I am trying to consistently put away the bad ball regardless of the situation, and it worked well for me after the initial scare.

Getting hit in the ‘netherlands’ probably was a good thing to calm me down and focus on staying in picking off the bad balls, and my fitness levels and knee (most importantly) have improved to a point where I can play with confidence to get in and stay in and keep positive intent without running out of steam and playing a tired shot.

Have you score many fifties (or hundreds) in your career to date?

Not sure how many 50s, but going back to day 1 of starting cricket, I have only managed 1 century of 106* against Old Johannians in 2002/3.

Believe it or not I actually was a slow accumulator and anchor as an opening batsmen and generally only really went at a strike rate of 60%, I definitely play more positively since coming back into cricket, but the key for me is to keep hitting straight as that is the only way i can push the run rate without giving away cheap chances.

What are your favourite shots?

Straight 6 back over the bowlers head. Safest shot in the book.

Rumour has it you’re also a bowler?

Haha, Yes I used to be able to send the red leather down in anger on occasion, however my recent knee injury has prevented me getting involved…watch this space though in the second half of the season!

How have you enjoyed life with the Exiles so far?

It has been an awesome experience.

I was very much into my cycling for last 4 years or so, but my knee injury last year turned me into a reluctant couch potato and got quite frustrating.

A friendly invitation from Phil Ling (who may have a future in politics, or at the very least recruitment) to turn out for the exiles came at the perfect time for me toward the end of last year, and gave me something to work towards getting my knee strong enough to run around and hopefully get back to full fitness.

Exiles has been a very generous and welcoming bunch of lads who I look forward to catching up with every Sunday, and I eagerly follow the team’s progress if I am unable to play and regardless of the result everyone is there for the love of the game and post match beers are a good chance to talk about how Bernard made that impossible catch or cut a heroic four through 3 fly gullys against Ham and Petersham! Unbelievable!!

Have you copied your batting technique from your Exiles mentor Phil Ling?

No comment…

Any aspirations for the cricket season?

I would like to get another 100, although this is an extremely tough task, I will however keep playing positively and hopefully put the Exiles into winning positions.

I would prefer to look back on this season and say that I was involved in some big batting partnerships upfront to lay some solid foundations for the Exiles.

I was gutted not to get a 100 partnership with living legend Keith Roberts, falling 1 short at 99, which I am sure we will rectify before season’s close.

Ashes prediction?

Who’s playing again?

Seriously, should be a tight one. 2-1 to Australia due to their experience and quality fast bowling.

Drew many thanks, and here’s to seeing plenty more Exiles runs from you.