Dominic Hodgson – maiden Exiles 50 interview..

On 27 July 2014, Dominic Hodgson hit 75 not out off 49 balls, to become the 8th different player (after Plume, Wingfield, Gundry, Williams, Kent, Leuvennink & Shete) to score a 50 for the Exiles this season – and the 6th to score his maiden one for the club this year. The Exiles press office caught up with Dominic for his thoughts:

Dom, very well played – it must’ve been a good feeling to get your maiden 50 for the club – after a couple of recent near misses?

Absolutely! Although the couple of near misses gave me the confidence moving forward that a 50 was just around the corner. Those two scores in the 40’s were for a losing cause so this 50 feels that much better knowing it went towards a win, albeit against a weakened opponent.

Any nerves as you approached the landmark?

Not really. Will and I had seen off their quicks and were filling our boots against their weaker bowlers. By the time I got to 50, I was scoring at a good rate so the landmark came up too quickly to get nervous.

Have you made many 50’s in your cricketing career so far?

It’s been a while Andy! I haven’t played cricket, before playing for Exile’s, since I was 13. Although there was the odd 50 in there and even a century back then, it was too long ago to really remember them properly.

What are your favourite shots?

It’s got to be the cut and the pull. I love it when the bowler drops short or gives any width. But then again don’t we all!

How have you enjoyed your first season with the Exiles so far?

It’s been brilliant being a part of this team, and it’s great to start putting some contributions forward. Hopefully there are more contributions I can make this season.

You used to be a pretty serious tennis player – have you played against anyone famous or at any famous venues?

I’ve played a practice match against Tim Henman in the latter part of his career, which will always go down as my favourite practice, because Tim was an absolute hero of mine. I got a couple of games too. I guess the obvious place is Wimbledon when I played in Junior Wimbledon. The best thing tennis gave me though is the chance to travel the world, not necessarily tennis venues themselves or personnel.

Do you think your tennis ability has helped your batting?

It certainly has, Andy. I haven’t spent many hours in a net’s session, but I’ve spent many an hour on a tennis court and that has had to of had some impact on my batting technique.

What are your cricketing targets going forward?

Just to keep making solid contributions. There’s no milestone I have in my head just yet, but I love batting and hope to keep this run going.

Dominic, thanks & once again very well played – and here’s to plenty more runs from you in an Exiles shirt!

Thanks Andy! Good luck in the next couple of games.