Bernard Leuvennink – Maiden Exiles 50 Interview

On 25 May 2014, Exiles new recruit Bernard Leuvennink crashed 69 not out off only 44 balls, becoming the 3rd player to score his maiden Exiles fifty this season. The Exiles website caught up with Bernard to ask him about this achievement…

Bernard, many congratulations for your innings on Sunday, you must be really pleased?

Thanks, yes it was fantastic to get it at at such beautiful venue and helping secure that illusive win!

There were some big hits there – presumably that’s your preferred style of batting? That said, there were also 2 or 3 lovely cover drives…

I like to go for the shots and on the day it just paid off. Once my eye was in and confidence built it got easier to take a few chances. Cover drives are a favorite shot, especially nice to get a few away since I see myself predominantly a back foot player.

Have you played a lot of cricket in your life so far? 

At school a bit, but since my first sport was always tennis didn’t get as much time on the pitch as I would’ve liked. I took a break as well after my dad bowled out my bottom front teeth with a top-spin ball in the nets. Luckily dentist was able to just push back in but had a brace for around a year. Fantastic to now go see what your capable of with the Exiles team!

You’ve also made a decent start with the ball for the Exiles so far – do you consider yourself more a batter or a bowler – or a genuine all-rounder?

More of a batsmen I’d say, but some on the wicket medium pace balls were always pretty useful. Something to work on and see, let’s talk again end of season.

What have you made of your opening few matches for the Exiles? Have you enjoyed the games & playing for the club? It must’ve felt good to play a key part in the first victory of the season?

Yeah it’s been fantastic. Since nets at Lord’s being the gumtree recruit as Chris Plume calls it, really enjoyed playing with the guys! Nice to put up your hand in the first win of the season for sure and let’s hope this form continues. Sundays now all for cricket and quite irritated if I find can’t play due to some other commitment.

You’ve also shown good ability on the recruitment front – a key facet of Exiles cricket it seems these days – getting several of your mates/workmates to play already – how have you felt about this? 

I just want to play! Luckily I have a few mates who are relatively good sportsmen and always up for a game. Also always good  to bring people you know into something you enjoy, because most likely they’ll enjoy too (thanks for the lift and borrowing of the bat sunday Frank Bertalan).

Do you have any cricket aspirations going forward you’d like to achieve? Or are you just happy to go out and play?

Mostly I just like playing, but quite a stat man as well so definitely want to continue on this track hopefully. Since it’s first season with the Exiles and probably in my cricket ‘career’ would like to see what one is capable of.

Bernard, once again, well played on Sunday, and here’s to plenty more runs and wickets from you in an Exiles shirt!

Thank you very much – go on Exiles!