Jasper Searle 1,000 runs interview

On 18 May 2014, Jasper Searle became the 13th player to reach the career milestone of 1,000 runs for the Exiles. The Exiles press office caught up with Jasper to ask his thoughts on this achievement:

Jasper, many congratulations, you must be really pleased at reaching this landmark? Did you envisage such longevity in your Exiles career when you started?

Thanks, I had forgotten I was near 1,000 runs.  I’ve never been one to set targets or get immersed in stats so I’m just happy I have made some small contribution along the way, even if I have been consistently inconsistent with my batting performances.

What have been your favourite innings to date? Your sublime 70-odd against Sanderstead a few years ago sticks in the mind….

It would have to be the 50 I got away v CYPOS, we had lost a couple of early wickets and me and Keith Roberts steadied the ship and got us to a respectable score, and then I also took a couple of key catches.

And your favourite shots? Your dreamy cover-drives are well renowned…

I haven’t hit many sixes, so any of those I’ve enjoyed. Probably an off drive I hit vs. Surbiton which went all the way to the longest part of the boundary is my favourite.

Have there been any Exiles batsman you’ve particularly enjoyed batting with or watching?

Batting with: Dan Killaly, as he wasn’t afraid to take the bowlers on from ball one, and he helped take the pressure off you at the other end.

Watching: Tither, Gundry are destructive and a joy to watch. Wingfield when required can have a fair swing of the bat too. Amil Patel makes things look easy too, a most orthodox player and can accelerate if required. When I first started at the club John Hodgson was always likely to contribute with bat or ball.

And you must’ve picked up some tips from your close friend the mercurial Marcin Zieleniewski along the way?

I’ve found a partner in crime to whinge and moan when things are going too slowly yes! And a couple of times we’ve been battling it out for the fielding trophy.

You bring great intensity to the Exiles with your personality – particularly in the field in close up fielding positions. Do you try to maintain a similar mentality when batting or do you try to relax more?

No, batting is a battle of concentration and fighting those demons trying to talk you out of settling in. At least with fielding you can switch off between deliveries.

Any matches than stand out as being particularly memorable over your Exiles career?

Apart from the CYPOS game already mentioned, probably my one decent bowling spell when I got 4 wickets v Surbiton Imperials (I think).  Also witnessing that great winning run in 2008 when everyone seemed to contribute in some way.

And what are your targets going forward? More runs? A few wickets?

More catches….I’ve always enjoyed fielding so not having taken a catch (excluding wicket keeping) recently has been annoying. A ton is always an ambition but not looking ever likely.

Jasper many thanks and good luck with your future Exiles cricketing!